Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services – All you need to know

There are multiple companies that provide commercial mortgages. As businesses frequently need mortgages to handle their finances. Hence, it somehow becomes challenging for businesses and investors to choose the best mortgage lender among the available options. Here is where commercial mortgage truerate services come into service.

Why do investors use Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services?

Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services provides tools and information for research and comparison of commercial mortgage lenders and their rates. With Truerate services, businesses and investors can do in-depth research and gather information about different mortgage rates.

True rate services also inform investors about the current interest rates for various types of commercial mortgages. Similarly, they also furnish historical data on interest rates and market conditions that can affect the cost of borrowing.

Moreover, some commercial mortgage true-rate services also provide tools to calculate the potential costs and returns of different commercial real estate investments. They may also help investors to find and compare commercial mortgage lenders.

5 Best Commercial Mortgage Truerate Services Available

To be precise, there are multiple commercial mortgage true rate services available. The question of which one is the best one solely depends on your specific needs and preferences.

However, we have shortlisted some well-reputed commercial mortgage truerate services for you.


Trepp is a leading provider of commercial mortgage information and analytics. What makes Trepp useful is the number of tools that help investors compare the rates of different lenders in different markets.

For example, data analytics, CMBS analytics, commercial loan pricing grid, etc. They allow you to compare rates from different lenders in different markets.


Bankrate provides objective information and actionable steps – as they claim – to the investors to make informed choices.

They have easy-to-use tools that allow investors to compare rates of commercial mortgage lenders. Moreover, they also have calculators that help investors making estimate their payments and returns for different types of commercial real estate investments.


Foro is a data-driven platform that helps investors and businesses compare and contrast financing options. This helps them find the best lenders.

With Foro, investors can access capital from $1 million to $50 million.

Commercial Mortgage Alert

Commercial Mortgage Alert provides in-depth coverage of the entire commercial mortgage market. With the service, investors can find information on current interest rates, market trends, and industry news.

Moreover, Commercial Mortgage Alert also has a database of all commercial mortgage transactions above $5 million. The information on these transactions can be very helpful if you are trying to find information on a specific property or lender.

Realty Rates

Realty Rates offers a lot of information on commercial mortgage rates and real estate market conditions – including historical data and analysis of market trends – that helps investors make informed choices.

Note that these platforms can vary in how much information they offer, how up-to-date their information is, and how easy it is to use their tools. So, you must always check the reputation of any service before you use it.

Moreover, you must compare the information and tools provided by several different services in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the commercial mortgage market.

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