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Written by Inaya Fatima is one of the best online paraphrasing tools you can use to recreate old content and make it more engaging to read.

This online tool is equally important for writers, bloggers, students, marketers, and copywriters.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of this online tool for writers and tell you how they can get the advantage of this online paraphrasing tool.

Let’s have a brief overview of this online paraphrasing tool. It is an AI-based sentence rephraser that comes with a lot of features. You can recreate the old assignments, essays, or articles in multiple ways because it offers different modes for the recreation of content.

Moreover, this paraphraser makes sure to preserve the real intent of the article and provides you with a new article that will have the same meaning.

One of the best things that you can get in this online tool is that it offers a simple interface that makes it an easy-to-use option for paraphrasing the content.

Working of

The working of this rephraser tool is very simple. You just have to follow some simple steps for recreating the old essays and making them more readable.

  • Go to the search engine and open this online there.
  • Here you will see two boxes. Paste the content here that you are looking to recreate.
  • After that, select the mode of paraphrasing as per requirement.
  • Now hit the paraphrase button and this online tool will provide you with the new content in a few seconds.
  • The text that is paraphrased will get highlighted. You can also replace those words with their synonyms if they are not looking good.
  • The percentage of the paraphrased text will also be shown so you can get an idea about the ratio of new text.
  • Once you are done with paraphrasing, click on the download button and the paraphrased content will be saved on your device.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

You will get the multimode paraphrasing feature and recreate the old articles in multiple ways. You can select each of the modes as per requirement.

General: If you are looking to make general changes in the structure of the content, this mode is useful.

Fluency: For those assignments that are not easy to read, you can use this mode to improve their fluency and make them easy to read.

Academic: Academic mode is specially designed for write-ups as it adopts the writing style that is used for assignment writing in colleges and universities.

Blog: This mode will help in locking the keywords and rephrasing the text without changing the primary keywords.

Highlights paraphrased text

This is another amazing feature that can help you check out the new lines in the content. When you paraphrase the text here, the rephrased text gets highlighted.

Along with that, you also get a long list of synonyms so you can use them if the rephrased text is not as per your requirement.

In this section, we are going to talk about some top benefits that students can get from and rewriting assignments.

Top Benefits of

So far, we have talked about the working of this online paraphrasing tool and also provided you with a brief overview of this online tool.

Avoids plagiarism makes sure to provide you with new content that is 100% unique. It prevents the plagiarism factor and provides you with new content that is different from the original one.

Improves the text quality

This paraphrasing tool can also be used as a quality enhancer. So, if you have an essay or assignment that is not easy to read, you can polish the text here and make it easy to read.

Human-like paraphrasing

One of the best things about this online tool is that it provides new content that is quite easy to read. It avoids using difficult terms in the content that could make the assignment complex to read.

Preserves the actual intent

You don’t have to worry about the intent of the article while paraphrasing the text here. This online tool ensures the preservation of the actual meanings of the essay and provides you with new content that will have the same meanings.

Multiple languages

You are not restricted to using this online tool in one language only. In fact, it supports multiple languages like Spanish, Italian, English, German, French, Turkish, Indonesian, etc.

Available on Play Store

This paraphrasing tool is also available on Play Store. That means you can also rephrase the text on the mobile phone if you are not working on the laptop. 

The working speed of is blazing fast which helps in getting the results quickly.You can rephrase only 250 words at once in the free version.
This online tool comes with a built-in grammar checker that helps in keeping the new content free of punctuation errors.If you are the one looking for a fancy rephraser, this tool is not for you because it comes with a simple interface.
The premium version of this online tool is budget-friendly.
In this paraphraser, you will get a multilingual feature that makes it useful for people from all over the globe.
When you paraphrase the assignments in this online tool, it makes sure to provide you with content that is efficient and 100% unique. 

Is Only Useful for Students?

No. This online rephraser is not only handy for students but SEO experts, bloggers, content creators, marketers, and copywriters can also equally get the benefit of this online tool.

The multiple paraphrasing features of this online tool make it a useful option for everyone whether he is a student or a writer. 

All the modes are specified for different purposes so they can be used in multiple ways. This is the most prominent feature that makes the tool equally valuable for everyone. 

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