Understanding the Internet of Things with Examples

What do we understand by the phrase the Internet of Things or IoT? We will try to learn about IoT and how the Internet of Things has impacted our lives with the help of examples.

The expansion and advancement of technology have revolutionized our life. One such feat of technology is the Internet of Things or IoT.

The Internet of Things is a broad network of connected devices. These devices are equipped with sensors and the internet to gather and communicate certain information with each other.

IoT is a network of connected devices

The application of IoT includes the daily-based use of smart and automated devices like mobile phones, smartwatches, AC, washing machines, ovens, cars, etc. that have automated our lives. We will also discuss this aspect with examples.

These devices are connected to a common platform (IoT Platform), and they can share data with each other.

Understanding the Application of IoT with the help of Examples

The Internet of Things has actually changed our behaviors and responses to certain conditions. IoT has completely changed our lifestyle.

Let us try to understand how IoT can help us in certain conditions.

1. The Use of a Cardiac Bracelet

A cardiac bracelet is a smart device usually used by heart patients to monitor their heart health. The heart bracelet is equipped with sensors that monitor the heartbeat and the entire working of the heart. Moreover, this device is also connected to the internet to communicate or transfer the recorded data to the relevant devices.

For instance, if the cardiac bracelet records an unusual or unhealthy cardiac activity, it will instantly transfer the report to the nearest hospital and alert the doctors or staff there.

No matter what time it is, no matter whether the patient is sleeping or awake, no matter whether the patient is apparently normal or suffering, the automated process by IoT will alert the concerned department.

Such an automated and swift process will save the life of the patient.

Now imagine a heart patient without the implementation of the Internet of Things in place, the entire process that the bracelet had proactively handled will now be delayed.

The patient would first suffer a heart attack or chest pain. After that, his family would arrange a conveyance to take him to the hospital. Now, the doctors would examine his heart to diagnose the problems that were otherwise already diagnosed by the bracelet and sent to the doctors. You can imagine now what could happen next.

2. Alexa turns your Home into a Smart Home

Now that we have explained how the heart bracelet can save a life, let us now see how Alexa can control all the menial tasks at home and save time.

We have already discussed the Internet of Things as the network of smart devices connected to the internet. Alexa is a smart device that can control all the IoT in your home and turn your home into a smart home.

Alexa can manage lights, sounds, temperature, humidity, locks, etc by controlling the devices having sensors and internet.

Alexa as an IoT

Now we can get things going at home by just commanding Alexa to do this and that. Alexa will be your assistant and will take care of things as demanded.

All these things that Alexa controls like lights, ACs, locks, speakers, etc. are the interconnected internet of things that have sensors and internet connection.

Now you can save time, energy, and focus by assigning tasks to the Internet of Things and spend your time and energy on bigger things that are worth your attention.

3. Application of IoT in the Automotive Industry

Let us now discuss examples of how IoT is applied to the automotive industry. What sort of service can the Internet of Things actually provide in motor cars and vehicles?

Today, cars and vehicles are equipped with sensors that can detect and report potential issues. For example, if the cars are running low on fuel, the drivers would be warned in time. Similarly, if the doors are not properly closed, sensors would warn you.

Likewise, the sensors would also gauge the engine heat and other functions to ensure smooth functioning.

Similarly, the implementation of AI in cars has altogether modified the industry. Now the autopilot feature of the cars as in Tesla no more requires manual labor i.e. drivers.

Moreover, these smart cars use GPS to find the best and the shortest route to reach the destination.

AI ensures safety and accuracy while driving more than human drivers. AI completely eliminates the chances of hazards that would otherwise be caused due to human error.

4. Smartwatch as an IoT

Another most prominent example of the devices in the list of the Internet of Things is a smartwatch equipped with sensors that carry out multiple functions.

A smartwatch can monitor your heart rate and hours of sleep. Moreover, a smartwatch also has a GPS that provides real-time pace and location. It can also monitor your footsteps or distance covered.

A smartwatch connected to a mobile device enables you to receive or make calls or send and receive texts without taking your cell phone out of pocket.

Usually, a smartwatch has also a built-in emergency system that rings 911 in case you get a heart attack or any injury. The sensors in the smartwatch can monitor your health and safety.

Wrapping Up

The internet has connected people; likewise, the Internet of Things (IoT) has connected things or devices. Apart from the examples we have discussed, we can enlist multiple more examples to explain the concept of IoT.

The Internet of Things is a very broad subject that includes a number of smart devices that we use daily. The devices work with the help of installed sensors to gather data and the internet to share it.

The IoT has surely made life easier and the world a better place to live in.

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