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Is Reading Fiction a Waste of Time?

Fiction books primarily include novels, short stories, and novellas that are not real stories. These concocted stories serve to entertain us. But, is this the only benefit of reading fiction? Is reading fiction a waste of time? Let’s dig deep into it.

Why do some people consider it a waste of time? Well, as they say, fiction is unreal that furnishes no real information that could enhance our knowledge. Hence, it is a waste of time. That’s the reason why they prefer non-fiction over fiction.

Well, we don’t buy their myopic view. Fiction is not just limited to providing entertainment that could help us pass our time in a good way. There are multifarious benefits to reading fiction. Let’s discuss them.

Six Reasons why Reading Fiction is not a Waste of Time

Given the various benefits that fiction provides, reading fiction can never be a waste of time. Let us now discuss a few of the multiple benefits that fiction offers us.

1. Reading fiction provides relief from stress

In this era of technology, every second person is depressed. Have you ever tried to figure out what could be the reason? Well, excessive use of social media is one of the most prominent causes of depression.

We are spending – or you may call it wasting – a lot of time in front of screens; be it a cellphone, or laptop scrolling down and down and down. On the other hand, our connection to books has been lost.

Our minds are getting rusted as on social media we are consuming content created by others. So, our minds are becoming less imaginative.

On contrary, when we read fiction, our mind becomes active in creating imaginative scenarios.

Research has shown that reading fiction provides more relief from stress than walking or taking tea.

Moreover, one faces stress because of the circumstances one is in. When we read fiction, it takes us to an entirely new world and a new setting. This change takes us out of our stressful reality and provides us instant relief.

2. Fiction enhances & enriches our vocabulary

Well, this point is debatable as fiction as well as non-fiction both can help in enriching our vocabulary bank. But there is a nuance that needs to be understood.

Fiction actually helps well in this regard. Because in fiction, we usually go through the language, words, and vocabulary that is used by ordinary native speakers. Thus, we get introduced to their words, style, and language to an extent in a natural setting.

This is one aspect that makes fiction better than non-fiction in making us fluent in a particular language.

3. Reading Fiction provides the purging of emotions

This point is also related to the previous point about how fiction provides us with stress relief. Fiction actually helps us by providing a vent to pent-up emotions.

We do not just read stories; we become a part of them. We get emotionally attached to the main character of the story. We celebrate when he celebrates; we cry when he cries; this is how fiction can really help us with our emotions.

4. Fiction allows us to see the world from different perspectives

When we read fiction, we see and think from the author’s mind. All his life learnings and experiences are included in that perspective that actually helps us to see the world differently.

We get introduced to different approaches to dealing with problems in life. Thus, fiction broadens the horizon of our mental capabilities. We start seeing things from a different angle.

In short, we become more positive in life.

5. Helps us to understand situations we’ve never been in

It is said that one learns from experiences. Let’s play it smart. Instead of spending your whole life learning from your own experiences, isn’t it better to learn from the experiences of other people?

The authors are very experienced people and their writings are based on their experiences. When we read their masterpiece, we actually read their experiences and learn from them subconsciously.

Thus, fiction helps us in understanding situations we have never experienced before.

6. Fiction books introduce us to the world beyond our reach

It is generally said that we only have one life to live. Well, that’s correct if you do not read fiction. You can actually live multiple lives if you are a fiction-lover.

By reading fiction, you live with different characters. You get different roles to play. From your family and friends to the people you would talk to would be different in fiction.

Moreover, by reading fiction, we travel the world while sitting in our rooms. We visit cities, towns, and places that we have never seen before.

This is how one reaches different worlds that are beyond their reach in the real world by reading fiction.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up the whole discussion, it is safe to say that you are wasting your time if you do not read fiction. You are actually missing out on all those privileges that a fiction-lover gets.

So, tell us, do you still think that reading fiction is a waste of time?

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