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Jack Carr Books In Order

Jack Carr Books In Order
Written by Muntaha

Jack Carr is a New York Times best-selling writer for his book, In the blood. He is one of the most up-and-coming writers in action thrillers. Keep Reading to know Jack Carr books in order.

Carr used to be a navy seal sniper. He also led special operations as a platoon commander, team leader, task unit commander, and troop commander. Jack’s grandfather was killed in the second world war. And for Jack, it was clear from the very start that he would apply to enlist in the military. When he learned about the SEALs, he knew he had to become one of them. 

Jack also started reading action thriller books from writers like Tom Clancy and David Morell to become more enthusiastic about his passion. But not only did the books make him excited about what he wanted to do, but they also had a hand in teaching him the art of storytelling.

It is hard for most men to adapt to civilian life after retiring from the military. But Carr succeeded in that, too; he supports several groups that help veterans suffering from depression or any other mental illness that can contribute to the suicide rate of veterans in the United States. 

When Jack retired from the military, he started writing his book; The Terminal. The book became the New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling book. Jack has been publishing more books in the same series. His fifth book in the series came out in April 2022. You can see him on social media creating content on weaponry, storytelling, success, and much more.

Today, Jack Carr resides in Utah with his wife and three children. He also attends interviews and other things when a book is published.  

Jack Carr and the main protagonist of the story, James Reece, have a shared military history that also helps readers understand the life of an army officer. It creates a sense of reality for the readers and helps in appreciating the stressful environment of secret operations. 

TV Show Conversion Of Jack Carr’s Books

The Terminal List by Jack Carr has been accepted to be converted into a T.V. show by Amazon Prime. Chris Pratt is the main lead while also being an executive producer for the show. Antione Fuqua, who directed and was also an executive producer for The Pilot, will be joining Chris Pratt. David Digilio will be a writer and an executive producer for the show. 

Also, to make the show look more realistic, most writers will either be veterans or the family members of veterans. 

The Terminal List is live on Amazon Prime. 

Order Of Jack Carr’s Books

Jack Carr has not been writing that long, so he hasn’t published that many books yet, and the list will be relatively short, but I assure you that once you read his first book, you will be itching for more. 

1- The Terminal List (2018)

2- True Believer (2019)

3- Savage Son (2020)

4- The Devil’s Hand (2021)

5- In The Blood (2022)

Now, it is possible to read these books as standalone, but in my opinion, it is better to read them in the order that Jack Carr wanted us to read them. That way, it will be better. Besides, this will help us to appreciate the character development of James Reece. 

Also, the books contain redacted sentences due to Jack being an ex-military officer. Jack Carr has to submit the document to the U.S. Department of Defense before publishing the book. If the manuscript contains confidential information, then it is not allowed to be sent for publishing. Jack keeps those sentences in his books, but he covers them with black bars like in the official documents. 


Jack Carr is a relatively new writer, so it is pretty effortless to check out his books in order. People might want to read the books alone without really checking the order of the books, but reading them in chronological order is strongly recommended. That’s how the writer intended for us to read his books. 

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