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NGOs in Pakistan – Top 18 Best NGOs in Pakistan

When it comes to tackling social problems, NGOs in Pakistan work side by side with the government. These unsung Non-Governmental organizations deserve shoutouts for their meritorious services to Pakistan. In this write-up, we shall enlist the top 18 NGOs working in Pakistan.

From dealing with the consequences of natural disasters to fighting multiple social challenges like illiteracy, poverty, food shortage, and health; NGOs have always remained at the forefront of rendering their services to the Pakistani nation.

So, to honor the NGOs that have been working in Pakistan for years, we will mention the topmost and active NGOs in Pakistan.

So, let’s begin.

Top Best NGOs in Pakistan

Many NGOs are working in Pakistan at different levels. Among them, a few are limited to a city, district, or province; others are working with their active branches across the country.

1. Edhi Foundation

Famous NGOs in Pakistan
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Edhi Foundation, the name that everyone is aware of, is a social and human welfare non-governmental organization. This NGO is run entirely by volunteers. Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (late) laid the foundation of this NGO in 1951.

This organization is saving the lives of thousands of disowned babies and orphans. Moreover, it is also taking care of people who are disabled and handicapped. Furthermore, Edhi Foundation is rendering its service as an old age house; taking care of the old people neglected by their families. In addition, the NGO also arranges shelter, food, and marriages for helpless people.

Apart from these, Edhi Foundation is also rendering its services in the disaster management and educational fields. During critical times like earthquakes or floods, Edhi Foundation provides its ambulance services for shifting patients to hospitals; giving emergency aid and relief to those affectees by natural disasters. In the educational field, the NGO is providing technical education to needy people in Pakistan.

With your donations, you can support Edhi Foundation in its cause. To donate: Click here


2. Chhipa Welfare Association

Non-governmental Organizations in Pakistan

Another NGO that is offering its services in multiple domains without any discrimination in Pakistan is Chhipa Welfare Association. Chhipa Welfare is a non-profit welfare organization in Pakistan.

The NGO was founded in 2007. Ramzan Chippa is the founder of this organization.

The prominent welfare services that the organization renders are;

2.1 Chhipa Ambulance

Chhipa Ambulance Services is the largest fleet of ambulances in Pakistan. The ambulances are equipped with oxygen cylinders and a first aid box.

The ambulances are on alert 24/7 to deal with any untoward incident anywhere in Karachi and other regions. This service is ready to provide swift rescue and relief services to injured victims of an accident, disaster, or calamity.

2.2 Chhipa Dastarkhwan

This serves 50,000 meals twice a day to the poor and deserving people.

2.3 Chhipa Monthly Ration

It provides monthly subsistence worth Rs. 2,000/- to the downtrodden and deserving people.

Apart from the above services, this NGO also provides Old Age Home, Women’s Shelter, Care Homes and Centers for orphans and abandoned children, etc.

For a detailed study of the services offered by the Chhipa Welfare Association, visit this page.

For donations to this NGO, click here.


3. Alamgir Welfare Trust

NGOs in Pakistan

Alamgir Welfare Trust International is a non-Governmental Organization working in Pakistan to help and uplift the poor people of society. The organization was founded by Shaheed Anwer Naseem Chandna in 1993.

The foundation has the vision to establish a society where everyone has access to earning resources, education, health facilities, etc.

The founder of this NGO was of the view that small things matter a lot. For example, if we just save the leftover food from being wasted in the marriage halls, we can feed many starving poor people.

The list of the services rendered by the organization is a bit lengthy. However, to cut that short; this NGO is providing free treatment to around 2 lac people annually; free education to thousands of students; free grocery and household items to thousands of families; employment opportunities to many; helping hundreds of indigent parents in arranging the marriage of their daughters, and feeding thousands of destitute daily.

For donations, visit their official website.


4. AlKhidmat Foundation

Al-Khidmat Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization. This NGO is rendering services in Pakistan since 1990. The organization is serving humanity by providing education, health, shelter, loans (interest-free), disaster management, orphan care, and other community services.

The organization is actively rendering its services across Pakistan.

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5. Saylani Welfare Trust

The famous scholar Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui laid the foundation of the Saylani Welfare Trust in 1999. Since then, this NGO is working in Pakistan against poverty.

Moreover, the organization is rendering its services in areas like food, education, health, etc. It has 125 branches active in major cities of Pakistan.

This nonprofit organization is arranging dastarkhwan for thousands of destitute monthly, treating thousands of poor people, educating children, etc.

For your donations to support the trust in its cause; click here.


6. Shahid Afridi Foundation

Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) is Pakistan’s non-profit, non-government organization. This NGO was founded by famous Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi in 2014.

The vision of this organization is to improve the condition of underprivileged classes in society. SAF is rendering its services in domains like; education, healthcare, access to water, and emergency relief response.

To support SAF with your donations; please visit this page.


7. Seed Out

Seed Out is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Pakistan, founded by Zain Ashraf.

The organization helps people in setting up their businesses by microfinancing and providing the required training, tools, and resources. The NGO prioritizes rendering help to women and differently-abled people. Moreover, it provides interest-free loans to needy people.

Visit the website to donate and support Seed Out in its cause.


8. Aurat Foundation

NGO for women in Pakistan

Aurat Foundation was established in 1986 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Pakistan. The organization focuses on a range of women’s issues. Mainly, it raises the voice of women through writings and publications.

In short, the foundation is working for women’s empowerment in Pakistan.


9. Darul Sukun

Darul Sukun was founded by Sister Gertrude Lemmens in 1969. Later on, Sister Ruth Lewis became in charge until her death on July 21, 2020.

Sr. Gertrude Lemmens was called the ‘mother of motherless’. She founded Darul Sukun, an NGO in Pakistan, as a home for abandoned children with disabilities.

Top NGOs in Pakistan

Basically, this non-governmental organization serves as a protection and rehabilitation center for differently-abled children. It helps such children to lead a normal life with all possible care and opportunities for them.

To support this non-profit organization to continue its welfare services, please donate.


10. Salman Sufi Foundation

Salman Sufi (SS) Foundation is a non-governmental organization working for social welfare in Pakistan. The organization is working to change the lives of common citizens of Pakistan.

Most specifically, the NGO is working for women’s empowerment. For instance, it has trained around 10,000 women on how to ride a motorbike.

Some famous projects of this organization are:

  • Women on wheels i.e. to train women how to ride a bike.
  • 02 Bank i.e. to provide oxygen cylinders to people suffering from Covid-19.
  • Saaf Bath i.e. arrangement, installation, and management of public portable toilets across Pakistan.
  • #StepUp includes the provision of ration bags to families affected due to lockdown and helping daily wage workers and laborers affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.

To support this NGO in its projects across Pakistan, please donate.


11. JDC Foundation

JDC Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization based in Sindh, Pakistan. It started its journey from Karachi, but later on, extended its social welfare services to the whole province.

Currently, it has 25 ambulances for rescue services, 35 dastarkhan, 02 Old Age Homes, and 04 education centers.

Furthermore, the NGO also organizes free medical camps. Apart, it also works for free education and the distribution of rations to indigent people.

For donations; visit the website.


12. Better World Foundation

Better World Foundation (BWF) is an emerging NGO in Pakistan. It aims at bridging the gap between socioeconomic classes. Moreover, this organization is helping differently-abled citizens by providing this education, vocational training, and medical assistance.

For donations, see details.


13. Youth For Pakistan

NGO for youth in Pakistan

Youth For Pakistan (YFP) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization. It was founded in November 2018.

Primarily, the organization is youth-oriented (as the name shows); empowering them by developing communication and leadership skills that lead to self-confidence and personal growth.

YFP organizes seminars, national festivals, national-level contests, exposure visits, scholarships, student-initiated projects, etc. to empower the youth of Pakistan.

Visit the website for more information.

NGOs With Global Appeal Working in Pakistan

The following NGOs are international organizations with their presence and services in Pakistan too.

1. Ansar Burney Trust International

Ansar Burney Trust International is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. This NGO was established by Ansar Burney in 1980. This organization is famously known as the ‘Pioneers of Human Rights’ in Pakistan.

This NGO is rendering its services in multiple domains within and outside Pakistan. For example, it is raising a voice for the rights of prisoners. It is fighting against the drug mafias. Moreover, the NGO is also fighting against female genital mutilation. Apart, the organization is fighting a battle against human trafficking to end forced slavery.

Apart from these, this organization has actively worked against domestic violence issues, children and prisoners’ rights, etc.  Both domestically and internationally, the NGO has freed around 900,000 people from mental institutions and wrongful confinements.

Make donations to the NGO to support its cause.


2. Helping Hand for Relief and Development

Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD) is basically a global organization that was founded in 2005.

The NGO is rendering its welfare services in multiple domains; i.e. orphan support, supporting disabled children, health care, education, infrastructure development, skill development, youth empowerment, and much more.

The first Emergency Relief and Disaster Management Project of this organization was in response to the earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan. It has provided food, shelter, non-food items, and healthcare assistance during that critical time.

This organization has a wide global appeal. To know more about this NGO, visit its official website:

To donate, visit this page.


3. Human Relief Foundation

Human Relief Foundation (HRF) is basically an international nongovernmental organization. It was founded in 1991.

The NGO has a presence in multiple countries including Pakistan. The organization is rendering multiple welfare services; like food programs, emergency disaster response, and community support work such as building hospitals, health centers, etc.

HRF is providing humanitarian assistance without any sort of discrimination.

For donations to this NGO, visit this page.

Karachi-Based NGOs in Pakistan

The following are some best NGOs based in Karachi, Pakistan.

1. Orange Tree Foundation

Orange Tree Foundation (OTF) was established in 2011 in Karachi. A group of dedicated volunteers joined hands to tackle education inequality in Pakistan. So, this NGO is basically focused on supporting financially challenged students. It has the aim of narrowing education inequality.

To pursue its agenda, the NGO is assisting students with various scholarship programs. By obtaining scholarships, students become able to get admission to top-notch institutes on a merit basis.

So far, it has disbursed PKR 175 Million for scholarships. Moreover, around 542 students have been enrolled in mainstream institutes. On average, the foundation has spent 2,67,000 per student.

Apart from rendering services in education, it also organizes the ‘Ramadan Drives’ project. Under it, OTF provides ration bags to deserving families in the holy month of Ramadan. Moreover, it also organizes iftar and dinner during Ramadan in various hospitals in Karachi.

The organization also joins hands with other local or multinational organizations in relief work in Karachi and its outskirts.

To donate to the NGO, visit this page.


2. Saaya

NGO in Pakistan

Saaya is a nonprofit non-governmental welfare organization based in Karachi, Pakistan. This NGO is an initiative of some philanthropic students of Dow Medical College to serve humanity.

The organization is rendering humanitarian services in multiple domains. For example, building shelters and waiting areas, providing free medications, and running educational awareness campaigns.

Click here to support Saaya with your donations.

Wrapping Up

All the NGOs in Pakistan have rendered their support and services during critical times. For instance, during the 2005 earthquake, the 2010 flood, and the Covid-19 lockdown; these nonprofit organizations stood with the government to tackle the disaster.

With emergency response and rescue services, the NGOs provided ambulances and medical assistance to dial down the adversity of situations.

Further, with ration distribution and economic assistance, these NGOs helped the lower classes to bear the lockdown during the pandemic. Moreover, with medical services, NGOs in Pakistan helped to treat the suffering patients.

These NGOs are working in every domain for social and human welfare.

However, to continue the humanitarian services, these NGOs are always in need of our support. We can support them with donations.

Your participation will make a big difference!

Note: We have tried our best to mention the top best NGOs working in Pakistan. In case we have missed any; please let us know. It will be a pleasure to mention and honor them for their welfare services in Pakistan.

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