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PTI launched Na Manzoor Website for Donations & Fundraising

Na Manzoor Website for PTI donation
Written by Aakif

PTI has launched the “Na Manzoor Website” to raise funds for the campaign against the imported government.

Imran Khan in his video message on Twitter has appealed to the overseas Pakistani for funds. He described the purpose of the website as to raise funds for the ongoing campaign against Foreign Conspiracy.

The trend #ImportedGovernmentNamanzoor has become a new slogan against the newly installed regime in Pakistan through foreign conspiracy. The #hashtag is trending on Twitter with record-breaking 5M+ Tweets.

Website Link:

The Website is inaccessible in a few countries like Pakistan. If you are facing this problem, you can access the website by connecting to a VPN. Donations | Method to Make Donations to PTI

Making donations on Namanzoor Website is very easy. Simply go to the website and click on the relevant Donate Tab. Or you can simply pay by clicking on the tabs below. Fill in all the detail and click Submit.

If you are from the USA, click on the below tab to make a donation to PTI.

Namanzoor website PTI donation from USA

To make a donation from the rest of the world, click on the below tab.

Donate PTI


  • Is Na Manzoor Website down due to heavy traffic?

PTI’s Na Manzoor website is inaccessible from a few regions. This isn’t due to loads of traffic. Perhaps, the .htaccess redirect is causing the issue. Anyways, you can access the website with the help of a VPN.

  • How to Make Donations to PTI?

As discussed above, simply visit and click on the donate tab. Fill out the form and submit it. That’s it.

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  • Supporters who are facing 403 Forbidden trouble at can deposit funds from inside and outside Pakistan on official bank account of PTI to support #ImranKhan. Please do join us on

    PTI Bank Account for collection of Contributions
    A/c Title: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
    A/c No.0602-79010514-03
    Swift Code : HABBPKKA
    IBAN # PK70 HABB 0006 0279 0105 1403
    Habib Bank Limited
    CDA-Civic Centre

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