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Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover – Summary & Book Review

Colleen Hoover released her new book, Heart Bones, on 19th August 2020. In this write-up, we shall write a short summary as well as review the novel.

The genres of this book are young adult, contemporary romance, romance, and domestic fiction. 

Hoover published yet another book that will steal the reader’s heart. The book has been given five stars everywhere. This book quickly becomes the reader’s new favorite. 

We have provided you with the synopsis of the book, a few touching quotes from the book, a little summary of the book in general, and the review. 

Heart Bones Colleen Hoover Synopsis

Beyah’s callous parents only ever gave her life and her last name. Beyah is on her way to more important things in life after forging her path.

An untimely death leaves her with nowhere to go for the time being, with just two months parting her from the future she has constructed for herself and the past she is trying to leave behind.

When Beyah is left with no choice but to contact her father and remain with him, Beyah is forced to stay on a Texas peninsula with a family she hardly knows; she resolves to relax and enjoy the summer, but everything changes when she meets her new neighbor, Samson.

Beyah and Samson hail from opposing households. Beyah was ignored and penniless, whereas Samson was favored and affluent. They did, however, have one trait: they were both attracted to tragic things, which meant they were also drawn to one another.

Beyah and Samson immediately felt a strong connection that they couldn’t ignore. They both decided to keep it as a fling and nothing serious since they didn’t see a future together. But Beyah is unaware that a riptide is on its way, and it will drag her heart under the waves.

Heart Bones Colleen Hoover Short Summary 

Beyah has had a tough life. Her mother is an addict, and her father has neglected Beyah her whole life. She carves a way for herself in life, but when her addicted mother dies, Beyah is left with no choice other than to call her father and stay with his family. 

There she meets Samson, a mysterious guy to whom Beyah is drawn. He lives across from them. But when an unexpected event happens in their lives, Beyah has to decide for their endangered future. 

What I loved 

Colleen Hoover always delivers an emotional read that people love and cherish, but somehow she talks about a daily social issue, and no one raises her voice on the subject. 

She delivers it so that people are forced to let go of their opinion and think in a new way. In Heart Bones, Colleen Hoover talked about poverty issues. 

Some people don’t have much to eat, and there are a lot of kids out there whose parents do not support them, and they have to choose a rough path from the very start, which is heartbreaking. 

There should be more help from the government and other facilities for this. Hoover knows the balance between raising social issues and delivering a story readers love. She did it once again. 

Representation Of Characters 

Besides the two main leads in Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover, I also liked the other characters; Sara and Marcos were great.

I felt terrible when they lost faith in Samson, but of course, it was not their fault; I mean, everyone will believe the obvious, right? No matter what, though, I was Team Samson. I believed him.

And Marjorie, she was such a good person. I loved her from the start. Beyah’s father was also lovely, I wish he had made more of an effort to be in his daughter’s life, but okay, all is well if it ends well. 

Kevin was also a great guy. And one more thing, I loved Sara’s mother, Alana. She was so good to Beyah; she was great; I love her. I felt I knew them all personally and connected to them all. 


I wonder how Hoover does it, speaks up about a social issue, and delivers a great story in the same book. Her books are always really touching. 

Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover made me cry a lot. I was touched by everything, I felt connected to all the people there, and I felt so close to Beyah and Samson that I cried so much when their future was at stake. 

It is a great book, and this book has the best quotes. I love each one so much. This book is a 5-star read for me.

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