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Regretting You Summary and Book Review – Colleen Hoover

The book Regretting You by Colleen Hoover was released on the 10th of December, 2019. The genres of this book are contemporary romance, young adult, fiction, and new adult. 

Once again, Colleen Hoover has delivered a great read like nothing else. The way she plays with our hearts and minds is just unbelievable. Regretting you have been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. The book is just great. 

In this write-up, we will be going through the synopsis of the book, the general summary, some touching quotes in the book, and the review. 


Both Morgan Grant, a single mother, and her daughter Clara, who is sixteen years old, would like to be completely different from one another.

Morgan is doing all she can to shield her daughter from her errors. Morgan placed her hopes and goals on hold by becoming pregnant and married very early. Clara has no interest in replicating her mother’s career path. Her mother is as unimaginative as she is dependable.

Morgan and Clara have difficulty getting along since they have opposing personalities and objectives. Chris, Morgan’s husband, Clara’s father, and the family pillar are the only ones who can restore harmony to the home. However, Chris is involved in a tragic and suspicious accident, which disrupts the tranquility. These sad and long-lasting repercussions won’t simply affect Morgan and Clara.

Clara seeks solace from the one guy she has been prohibited from visiting, while Morgan gets support from the last individual she would anticipate. The distance between a mother and her daughter becomes more comprehensive by the day as they harbor growing secrets, bitterness, and misunderstandings. Now that you’re so far away, it may be difficult for you to get back together.

Regretting You – Short Summary

Morgan, a mom, and her daughter Clara, a teen, take turns being the main characters. As the story opens, Morgan is celebrating her high school graduation when she learns the shocking news that she is pregnant. After this introduction, the story focuses on Morgan and Clara as they navigate motherhood at ages 34 and 16.

The narrative, the characters, the resolution—I adored it all. I will be thrilled if Colleen ever writes a sequel to this book.

Things I loved

Regretting you was very unexpected for me, and I mean that in the best way possible. This book was very touching. Morgan did not want her daughter to make the same mistakes she made in the past. The book is messed up, but that’s how Colleen Hoover writes.

The way she makes her characters go through the horror and the trauma is excruciating. But this is how life is. We are not warned about the horrors of the trauma, and we are met headfirst with it. 

Regretting You – Book Review

The connection between Clara and Miller made me tear up. I loved the ending and everything, but I’m dying to read what was in the letters. I wish Colleen Hoover would reveal the letters sometime. I’m just left wondering what could be in those letters and why Colleen did not show us the notes in the book.  

Regretting You Colleen Hoover is surely my favorite book. When I was reading this book, it made me feel like I was in the story of the people that I know and care about. It was hard to put this book down, so I just read it continuously. It kept me on the edge of my seat. All in all, the book and everything were fantastic.  


Regretting You was such a sad book. It made me cry a lot. It was so touching and emotional that I felt connected to everyone in the book. Colleen Hoover is my hero. She writes so that I always cry while reading one of her books. All in all, this book was great, and it’s a 5-star read for me.

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