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How to Apply for Twitter Verification

Twitter has restarted the account verification (Blue Badge) process. It has started accepting applications/submissions for account verification from everyone. Hence, individuals from certain specific categories can get their Twitter accounts verified with blue-tick now.

Let’s learn quickly how we can apply for Twitter account verification on mobile and get a blue badge/tick.

Steps to Apply for Twitter Account Verification

  • Go to the Settings and privacy option in your Twitter account.

How to Apply for Twitter Account Verification

  • In the next windows, go to Account.

Twitter Verification

  • Click on Verification Request option provided your Twitter account is not already verified.

Apply for twitter verification

  • In the next window, click Start request.

  • Now, check the eligibility criteria. Certain categories will be displayed in the next window. Ensure that you belong to one of the six eligible categories.

These six categories are:

    1. Activist, organizer, or influencer
    2. Company, brand, or organization
    3. Entertainers and entertainment groups
    4. Government official or affiliate
    5. Journalists or news organizations
    6. Professional sports or e-sports entity
  • If you belong to any of these, you will then be required to provide all details such as a government-issued ID, official email address, and an official website link, among other details (as asked).
  • Once the application is submitted, you will receive an emailed response from Twitter, possibly in the next few days or so.

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