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Guidelines to Get into Politics as a Career with no Experience

Getting into politics is a dream of many youngsters. The perks, power, and prestige associated with politics attract many to step into this domain. However, it isn’t easy to join politics. In this write-up, we will guide you on how you can get into politics to make it a career without any experience.

Guidelines to Get into Politics

The following are the prerequisites to start your career in politics. These guidelines will help you make your way to politics with no experience.

1. Getting some education is a prerequisite

First and foremost, education is compulsory for a successful career in politics. All the renowned politicians who run public offices are at least graduates.

For instance, American president Joe Biden is a Law graduate. The former president Donald Trump also holds a bachelor’s degree. Likewise, Barack Obama was also a well-educated president.

Education is the key to success in politics. All the politicians in the world are at least graduates. Thus, if you are looking forward to making sound progress in politics, you need to be at least a graduate.

There is no particular degree required for becoming a politician. However, doing a degree in Law, Business, Finance, Political Science, International Relations, etc. will prove to be effective.

Moreover, having a good education is mandatory to win public trust. It also wins the confidence of the political party that you are affiliated with.  Thus, it enhances the chances of making strides in politics.

2. Start from a grass-root level

For someone who does not have a political background, politics does not offer quick success. Rather, one has to begin from scratch.

Having a political background can offer early acknowledgment and success. For case study: How Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, the current chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party rose to this position of authority offers good insight.

However, not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Someone belonging to the middle class has to grind hard initially to make his debut in politics.

For such an individual, starting politics from a grassroots level is the only viable option. Let’s analyze what sort of options are available for such a candidate.

Such candidates can start off from entry-level jobs in local government. Getting affiliated with a political leader at the local government level will open up further opportunities to excel in politics.

With hard work, dedication, and commitment, one can prove his leadership abilities to the people. Becoming the voice of the masses, fighting for their rights, and leading them would enable him to take his place in politics at the grass-root level.

Success in politics comes with consistent gradual upward steps. Upward mobility from the local level to the provincial or state level (USA), and from the state to the national level requires consistent struggle, time, and patience.

3. Join a Political Party

To get into politics, one has to formally join a political party. Every party has a different credo, beliefs, and agenda. However, the main motive of all the parties is the same; that is to serve the country by ruling it. But, how they will pursue it varies.

Therefore, before showing a formal allegiance to any party, thoroughly analyze the agendas of all the parties. Join the party whose agenda aligns with your views and beliefs.

In case, no party accepts you or you do not like any of them; you can also start your journey independently. Many candidates contest elections independently to win a seat in the legislative assembly.

For instance, Bernie Sanders, United States Senator, began his presidential campaign in 2016 as an independent candidate. He was able to garner the support of the grassroots army of volunteers and small-dollar donors.

But, one has to join a party, in the end, to govern the country at any level and in any position.

4. Switching to Politics from other Fields is Easy

Many politicians have actually switched their fields or careers to politics in the later phases of life. For example, if you are an accomplished and leading lawyer, judge, bureaucrat, army official, human rights activist, business tycoon, etc. with great fame and public following, you can easily get accepted into any political party.

With national-level fame and following, switching careers to politics becomes easy. Political parties like to give membership to those who can contribute to bringing more public support.

Thus, if you want to step into politics but do not have any background, support, or affiliation; you can try choosing the alternate path. First excel in any other field, later on, you can easily switch to politics.

Wrapping Up

Politics is a game of power. The power comes from the support of the masses. The more you will be able to drive the masses in your support, the more powerful you would become. Ultimately, that power would translate into a successful career in politics.

Start from the grassroots level, and rise to the position of authority and leadership. Getting fame and power would raise your position from the local to the national level of politics.

To win the elections or gain support, politicians always exploit public sentiments in their favor.

For instance, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi always played Pakistan’s card and used war rhetoric to gain support. This is how he won the elections twice and became premier.

All this requires a dedicated campaign to gain the support of the public. This is what all political leaders do. This is how one can be successful in politics.


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