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How to avoid Distractions and stay Focused

This write-up is all about techniques to avoid distractions and stay focused on what matters more to us.

Getting distracted every now and then is a common problem faced by almost every person. Let me be very honest to my audience that I, myself, am also a victim of this problem. Honestly speaking, I even found it really hard in staying focused while writing this small article. A number of distractors like PUBG, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. kept diverting my attention. Distractions are always there to distract us from our important works or projects.

But, the good thing is I somehow managed to finish my task successfully, and I would like to share with you how I kept myself motivated to finish the task without getting distracted.

Methods to Avoid Distractions and Stay Focussed

In this write-up, I would recommend some ways that would help you in avoiding distractions and stay focused.

  • Be Rational in Making Decisions

Human beings are rational beings. This is the only quality that makes us superior to angels and to every other living being. While your heart drives you to spend time in a thing that would bring ephemeral pleasure and satisfaction, use your mind to decide what should be done right now to gain long-term benefits.

That is exactly how I managed to pen down this article while I could have played PUBG or used Facebook instead of spending my time writing this article down. I stayed focused because I knew my time is limited. I avoided distractions because I was clear in my mind about which option is the best for me among different choices in the fixed short time span.

In an interview, Arfa Karim (late), the youngest Pakistani Microsoft Certified Professional, was once asked how she had managed to attain success at such a young age. She replied it was her habit, the habit of not leaving tasks unfinished that made her successful.

She gave a message in her interview that one must not leave a task unfinished before switching to another task. Her secret to success was staying focused on one task at a time before starting something new. She said, if you’re reading a book, finish it first before you turn to another task. That is how success would follow you.

When we get distracted in our tasks, we generally shift from an ongoing task to another. We must abandon this habit if we really want to achieve some real milestones in our lives.

  • Set Daily Targets and Achieve them

Another hack for staying focused is setting targets for a day. You can either make a checklist or a timetable for the day by dividing your tasks on an hourly basis. Be sure, you have completed all the tasks before going to bed at night. This will generate a sense of responsibility and guilt for leaving things undone and would not let you procrastinate the tasks.

Also, do not forget to reward yourselves by indulging in the things that give you temporary relief, pleasure, or satisfaction after the completion of your to-do list.
  • Keep your Cellphone away

One of the biggest distractions of the contemporary era is your cellphone. Working while your cellphone is with you would keep distracting you with every single notification bell. Even if your cellphone is silent, it is a natural tendency that your eyes will keep shifting towards your phone unintentionally while you’re working.

The best way is to keep your cell phone off or silent and away from your reach while you are studying, reading, writing, or doing any important task.
  • White Noise Helps in Staying Focused

If you are really getting distracted due to your gadgets like a cellphone or a laptop, why don’t you turn it into a blessing? Plug an earphone or a headphone and play white noise on your device.

It is a universally acknowledged fact, and I am suggesting this based on my own experience that white noise will cancel out all the naturally existing unwanted noise, that keeps distracting you, from the surroundings and will keep you focused on your task. This would boost your brainpower and working stamina. Without realizing you would keep seated for hours at your study table.

Do not just read, do apply this technique and share the outcome in the comment section.

  • Keep your WorkSpace Tidy and Clean

If your study table is messy, and your working space is untidy; you won’t be able to stay focused on your work. A well-arranged working space and environment affect your mood and mental faculty.

A clean workspace can help reduce anxiety and make room for motivation. It is time you should only keep essentials on your study table and workspace and remove all the unwanted stock of mess.

  • Meditation improves Focus

Researchers have found that our minds are lost in thoughts 47 percent of the time. These thoughts either cause sadness or depression or result in stress or anxiety.

Ultimately, it affects our attention or concentration while working. To get rid of this problem, meditation is the best way out. Spare some time in a day for meditation to boost your mood and concentration power.

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