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How to Become a Workaholic? An Ultimate Guide

Becoming a workaholic attracts success. At the same time, becoming a workaholic is also a real challenge. In this self-help guide, we will show you 7 proven strategies that will make you a workaholic person.

Being a workaholic generally means, spending hours & hours doing focused work. In other words, it is about utilizing all your time and energy in pursuing one objective.

Elon Musk was once asked how he managed to get his company out of the financial crisis in 2008 when it was just on the verge of bankruptcy. He answered that he worked 22 hours a day, and slept 2 hours, and that too in the factory.

Elon Musk is a person known for his quality of being a workaholic. His obsession, dedication, and commitment to work were manifested when he instructed his workers to call him whenever they needed him; be it 3 AM Sunday night; he doesn’t care.

People want to be workaholics as they see grace and success in it.

Well, each one of us should follow successful people who struggled when nobody knew them.

But the problem is that people get supercharged when they see a motivational success story where a workaholic person becomes a billionaire. Unfortunately, most of them soon retreat to their earlier state of laziness.

In this article, we will discuss some working ways and strategies that will make you a workaholic in the real sense.

7 Proven Strategies that will make you Workaholic

The following are things that you should do if you want to be a workaholic.

1. Prefer Long-term Achievements over Short-term Pleasure

Why can’t you become a workaholic? If we assess it very closely, we tend to be idle because we feel comfortable in it.

Working on something and working constantly seems to be very tiresome at times. So, we tend to prefer short-term comfort at the expense of long-term success.

This is the attitude of losers; people who don’t or (we may say) can’t achieve much in life. Such people just pass time. They just spend life, they don’t live it.

So, the first and foremost step to becoming a workaholic is to change your attitude. Focus on long-term success, set lofty ideals and goals, and start working for them.

Have faith that each second (even millisecond) spent working counts as a step towards success. Conversely, time spent doing nothing is akin to time wasted and goal delayed.

2. Focus on the Destination, not the Process

As the process and journey to success may feel so tiresome and nerve-wracking, focus on the end result.

When we see we get to work on this and this, we feel bogged down. But, when we focus entirely on the result of our efforts, we feel motivated.

So, just by shifting your focus away from the efforts to the goal, your whole attitude towards work undergoes a paradigm shift.

Destinations depend on what we are doing today. Our future is always based on the present. What you sow today, you are going to reap tomorrow.

I think this is sufficient for a sensible person to understand the importance of the time he has at hand.

Just because of the fear of the process or journey, you cannot let go of the beautiful destination awaiting you at the end of the path.

3. Waking up Early Counts half Success

All the biographies, self-help books, motivational speeches, etc focus on one thing in particular. And that thing is getting up with sunrise or even before that.

In the book “The 5 AM Club”, Robin Sharma specifically highlights the importance of leaving bed before sunrise.

A workaholic person is always conscious of having as much time on his hands to work as possible. We have discussed the example of Elon Musk above how he worked for 22 hours a day.

Everyone across the globe got 24 hours a day. Success is defined by how we avail them.

Multiple studies corroborate the fact that waking up early makes us more productive.

Conversely, getting up late makes you lethargic and affects your efficiency level.

So, starting the day early is the first rule to becoming a workaholic.

4. Eliminate Procrastination from Life

Procrastination kills both opportunities as well as dreams. What is stopping you from doing what you need to do right now? What is the point of delaying or postponing tasks?

Workaholic people never procrastinate their tasks. There is no tomorrow for them. They always live by the rule, ‘Now or Never’.

Tomorrow is a delusion. We only live in present. Tomorrow is only the outcome of what we do today. The time you are in is the foundation of the future you will be in tomorrow.

Though initially, it might seem hard, you must eliminate the habit of procrastinating tasks from your life.

5. Setting daily targets will make you a workaholic

Once you have established the belief that only you are responsible for your future, now is the time to start taking practical steps.

As the process is always lengthy, always divide it into small chunks and work on it. For example, set daily targets and meet them no matter what sacrifices it demands.

Do what it takes to meet daily targets, be it staying hungry, avoiding parties, or sacrificing your sleep. Only with such dedication and commitment, you will become a workaholic in a few weeks.

Whatever targets you set for a day, write them down. Keep a thorough check on what you have achieved and what is remaining.

Meeting all your targets daily would make you feel satisfied. Daily targets will also attract success quickly.

6. Appreciate Yourself for Your Daily Achievements

At the end of the day after meeting all the targets, do not forget to reward yourself. Do whatever pleases or satisfies you.

Eat your favorite food, watch movies, and do outings with friends; in short, appreciate yourself for doing what seemed to be impossible a few days ago.

This practice will have multifold benefits. This practice will recharge you for the day ahead. Moreover, this will make a balance between work and enjoyment in your life.

So, appreciate yourself in the process, the world will appreciate you for your success.

7. Surround Yourself with Positivity | Avoid Negativity

This is very important. A man is an average of five people he surrounds himself. So, you must always try to surround yourself with positive people, books, etc.

Try to be in the company of successful people. Walk with people who have visionary ideas. Apart, you should inculcate the habit of reading good books.

Moreover, watch good and motivational content. Always avoid naysayers. Avoid those too who are leading a purposeless life.

Wrapping Up

To cap it all, becoming a workaholic is very much achievable. It just demands little tweaks in your life. Learn from the life of successful people.

Remember! This world is moving ahead too fast. It cannot afford to wait for those who are too sluggish to work.

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