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How to Lower Ping in Games? An Ultimate Guide

Ping plays an important role in our online gaming performance and experience. The lower the ping; the better the game performance. The other term used for ping is latency. If you are an online gamer, I bet you know what is ping. Here, we will discuss how to lower ping in games to get an awesome gaming experience.

Basically, ping is the measure of time taken in milliseconds in your input and its response from the server. For example, if you have ever played PUBG or Fortnight or Free fire, or any other online game, you must have noticed that if you and your enemy fire at each other at the same time, the player with the higher ping will die.

Why does this happen? Although both players fired at the same time; the response from the server was dependent on the ping. So, a higher ping meant a delay in response. Hence, the player with the lower ping was successful in registering his bullets first.

Higher ping is a serious problem that must be resolved to play professionally. In this write-up, we will highlight multiple causes for higher ping. We will also tell some ways in which one can lower or reduce his ping.

High Ping in Games – 7 Common Reasons and their Solutions

In the following section, we will highlight a few potential factors behind high ping. Along with that, we will also show you how you can resolve those to get a lower ping.

1. Fix your unstable Internet Connection

The very first and very basic cause of poor ping is a poor internet connection. If you are troubled by high ping, it is probably because of your internet speed that is causing the trouble.

If poor internet speed is the case; without changing the connection, you won’t be able to resolve the ping issue.

2. Close the Apps running in the background

Another possible reason for high ping is; that multiple apps are running in the background. How does this happen? With active background apps, the internet data packets will get divided. Thus, your running game will not be able to use maximum internet speed.

To lower the ping, close all the running background apps. I hope that by doing this, you will see a considerable decline in the ping.

You can also use Game Booster; an application that is used to reduce or limit background activities. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Moreover, multiple devices have inbuilt game boosters in the settings like Game Turbo for the Xiaomi device, and Gaming Mode for the OnePlus device. You can enable them to make your gameplay smooth with lower ping. These settings also function to reduce background activities during gameplay.

3. Fixing the cellphone heat-up issue

Cellphone heating up issue also results in higher ping. With your cell phone getting heated up, not only your ping will become higher, but your game will also lag.

Always use a fan while playing the game, so that your phone can perform at its maximum potential. With a cool device, your game will perform with a lower ping.

4. Choose the nearest Game Server

Another possible reason for higher ping is the selected server for the game. The nearer the server is to your system, the lesser will be the ping.

If you are from Pakistan or India but playing PUBG on a European or American Server, your ping will definitely be higher than if you play on an Asia server.

If this is the reason, try selecting a regional server and you will notice a visible decline in ping.

5. Configure the Firewall to fix the High Ping Issue

Since a firewall is involved in securing your connection, it checks for the data packets that your system sends and receives. Although this process takes a negligible amount of time, it somehow causes latency; thus making your ping in the game higher.

In order to bypass it, you would need to whitelist your game in the firewall settings making the game’s ports open to traffic.

This will stop the firewall from meddling with your game and will allow your system to send and receive data to and from the game.

6. Play with Wi-Fi Extreme Mode Enabled

If you are playing on an excellent Wi-Fi connection but still your ping is unstable, you can enable wifi traffic extreme mode from the wifi settings.

Not all devices offer this setting. To enable it, go to Wi-Fi >> search for Additional Settings >> Enable Traffic Mode >> Check Extreme Mode.

By enabling the extreme mode, your current or running application will use network resources on a priority basis.

7. Fix the Ping Issue with Third-Party Tools

In case none of the above-mentioned methods has resolved your ping issue, you can try using third-party tools for your android.

I can suggest you GFX tool that is very popular among Android gamers. Using this tool, you can customize your game settings.

Try using the following settings in the tool.

  • Set Graphics to 720p
  • Rendering quality to low or medium
  • Disable shadows
  • Enable GPU optimization

These customized settings will lower the ping and improve your device’s performance in the game.

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